A Better Enrollment System

A Better Enrollment System:
One Process, One Form, One Goal, More Access

The Oakland Unified School District is exploring a revised school enrollment system that would improve interactions with families on the service end, and make the system more user friendly, accessible, transparent, and include Common Enrollment. Common Enrollment would allow families to fill out one application for all public schools in Oakland, district- and charter-run.

Common Enrollment would give families the opportunity to research all public schools in one place, using their smartphones or visiting enrollment centers. Families would then be able to select the school that best suits their child’s needs. Families would rank their choices and then submit their application to the enrollment department.

The goal of the new system is to:

  • Make it easier for families to manage
  • Provide district schools with more accurate counts of students attending each campus at the start of the year
  • Provide clarity and more equity and access to families.

Parents hoping to understand the new system and the Common Enrollment portion gathered with GO Public Schools Oakland at Think College Now on September 24 to learn about the system, provide feedback, and ask question about the proposed change.

For a condensed description of what a new system would include and how Common Enrollment works please see the following slide shows:

Common Enrollment and Oakland Unified School District

La Matrícula Común (Español)

To download the slides please click on the links below:
Better Enrollment (English)
Matrícula Común (Español)

Please check back with GO Public Schools Oakland as we put together an enrollment page that includes information on Common Enrollment, frequently asked questions about enrollment, and enrollment stories of families from throughout the city.

If you have an enrollment story that you would like to share, please contact GO’s Communications Manager, Bobby Jordan at bobby@gopublicschools.org.

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