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“We must graduate much more students ready to be successful in college and career. Our city needs them.” –Kevin Taylor, OUSD High School Network Executive Officer

“College and Career Pathways” are sets of college-prep and work-based courses and experiences (e.g., internships) designed to give students career-oriented, real-world experiences and lead to more post-high school options.


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About College & Career Pathways

OUSD defines these programs (also known across the country as “Linked Learning”) as “a flexible approach bringing together college prep academics, demanding technical education, support services, and work-based learning that, together, help prepare students for success in college, career and life.”
Classroom curriculum is combined with hands-on experience for students in a particular industry. Career Pathways are open to all students, and participation is based on student choice. When students love what they’re learning, they work harder, dream bigger, and learn more.
Career Pathways-based learning works– it is shown to reduce dropout and increase college and career readiness.

About Measure N

On Nov. 4, Oakland voters approved by a strong margin (76 percent Yes) a parcel tax that will provide Oakland Unified with an additional $12 million in funds annually ($1,000 per student) for College and Career Pathway programs.
Click here to read the text of the measure. Scroll down for a non-partisan video on Measure N from the League of Women Voters, Oakland.


NEW Report from Education Trust – West:
“Showing early indicators of increased graduation rates and college readiness among students of color and low-income students, Linked Learning has the potential to be even more impactful when integrated with Common Core and other new California standards. This report examines promising strategies being employed at nine California school districts,” including Oakland…Read more here.

Measure N video from League of Women Voters of Oakland:

What are College and Career Pathways?

 What Students Have to Say
What Teachers Have to Say
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