The Enrollment Process

Enrollment Season

Oakland’s public school enrollment season for the 2016-2017 school year has begun with several schools having already hosted school tours and open houses for perspective families. To assists families through the process, we have developed a public school enrollment map that includes the dates and times of tours.


The map also includes:
  • School addresses
  • School principals
  • School websites
  • School data on math, reading, suspension and absence rates, and programs such as Linked Learning, Special Education, and Early Childhood Education

Please note: Elementary schools are green, middle Schools are light green, high schools are orange, K-8 are blue, K-12 are yellow, 6-12 are light blue, and alternative schools are dark blue.



Below is a timeline of the enrollment process.
Please note: Dates apply to district-run schools, so be sure to contact charter operators to find out dates and deadlines for their application process.
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