Driving Change: Families in Action

Families in Action advocates for positive change by using data, speaking with families from different backgrounds, meeting with school and district administrators, and partnering  with educators, including teachers and principals, all with the goal of improving the educational experience for their kids.

By joining Families In Action, you will …

  • Develop your leadership skills to become informed, involved, and empowered
  • Learn about policy issues and gain the necessary skills to lead campaigns that enact positive educational change for our students
  • Work with a group of supportive leaders that find ways to improve education for all of Oakland’s kids

Families in Action is a diverse group of family leaders from Rise and New Highland Academy Elementary schools who are working with educators to transform their campus into the school their students want and deserve.

Family leaders have successfully advocated for and received eight weeks of after school tutoring for all the fifth graders after the shared campus lost both its fifth grade teachers. Family leaders are also working with the schools’ educators and district administration during the principal selection process for both schools.

To get involved with Families in Action, please contact Anayvette Martinez at amartinez@gopublicschools.org.

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