Build Your Insight: Stay Informed

Effective educators are a key factor in the success and sustainability of Oakland’s public education system. Educators help shape, mold, and inspire our students from pre-K to graduation and beyond.

Here are a number of ways for educators, like you, to stay up-to-date on important policy issues that impact your students, your classroom, your school, and your district.

How to stay informed:

Oakland Achieves Report: Get familiar with Oakland education data with the annual cradle to career report on how Oakland schools are serving our children.

Contract Matters: The Teachers’ contract is one of the most important documents for Oakland’s students and educators. Visit for resources to help shed light on important contract issues in OUSD.

School Board Watch: Not sure what’s going on at the district?  Receive a preview of every School Board agenda with links to important information that will impact your classroom.

General E-mail list: Receive updates and perspectives about what is happening across the Oakland education community.

Oakland News Archives: Curious about what happened here in the past?  We have you covered. Click the link to read articles about the Oakland education landscape in years prior.

Oakland Studies: See this link to indulge your inner research nerd with our compilation of studies that either focus on or feature Oakland education.

For more ways to stay informed, contact Marc Tafolla, Director of Policy at


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