School Board Watch 411

Lowering barriers, increasing access so families participate in Oakland's education decision-making process

Since 2009, School Board Watch has lowered barriers to participation and strengthened understanding of our local education policy and decision-making process by summarizing and sharing school board meeting agendas and content.

Why does the school board matter?

Oakland’s school board matters because the seven elected board members are responsible for managing a $634 million budget, making decisions about our students’ learning city-wide, and hiring a superintendent.

Who are our current board members?

James Harris | (510)-879-8199

Nina Senn  | (510)-879-8199

Aimee Eng  | (510)-879-8199

Shanthi Gonzales  | (510)-879-8199

Jumoke Hinton-Hodge  | (510)-879-8199

Jody London  | (510)-879-8199

Rosie Torres  | (510)-879-8199

When and where does our school board meet?

OUSD’s board meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise noted. The board meets at La Escuelita Elementary School, 1050 2nd Ave. Oakland, CA 94606.

How do I speak at my board meeting?

You can speak at meetings during the public comment section (not on the agenda) by either filling out a speaker card at the meeting and giving it to the board clerk or you can visit OUSD’s website and sign up there. For agenda items, you can speak following board discussion and by either filling out a speaker card at the meeting or signing up online.

Here are some tips for speaking at board meetings:

  • You have a limited amount of time, usually 2 minutes, so be concise
  • Share your stance on the issue with clear supporting reasons
  • Recommend a solution
  • Practice your speech beforehand, but don’t worry about memorizing it
  • Print your speech in a large font for easy reading
  • Deliver your speech in a strong and respectful voice
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