GO wins Making Democracy Work Award

The League of Women Voters of Oakland honors GO for its work to inform and engage community on education

GO Public Schools was honored on Thursday, April 28 with a prestigious Making Democracy Work Award from the League of Women Voters of Oakland. The award, presented at the League’s annual luncheon, recognizes GO’s efforts to inform, involve, and mobilize Oakland families in improving the city’s schools.

“GO has broken down barriers and helped people get deeply involved in the decisions about our public schools,” said Louise Rothman-Riemer, President of LWVO. “They have gathered input from families, teachers, and community leaders on strategic goals, conducted specific listening campaigns throughout the year, surveyed community when determining organizational policy positions, and have individual relational meetings as a key part of the weekly cycle for nearly every staff member.”

The award was accepted by Carmelita Reyes, the principal at OUSD’s Oakland International High School and a member of GO’s Oakland Leadership Council.

“Ensuring that school board members are professional, informed, collaborative, and accountable is the first step in creating stability and a focused vision for Oakland’s students,” Reyes said . “But the accountability isn’t just left up to the board. We also need the participation of families to help drive the educational change we want for our kids. Teachers can’t do it alone. The board can’t do it alone. And families can’t do it alone. We need everyone to strengthen our schools and ensure every child gets the quality education they deserve.”

GO co-founder Jonathan Klein expressed appreciation for the award.

“Nothing matters more to families than the quality of education their kids receive, but too many families don’t feel they have an avenue to get informed and involved,”

  • Jonathan Klein, GO Co-Founder and CEO

“Nothing matters more to families than the quality of education their kids receive, but too many families don’t feel they have an avenue to get informed and involved,” Klein said. “Getting information into their hands, and helping them develop their leadership skills, is a central part of a strong democracy. We’re honored and thrilled that the League of Women Voters recognized the work of our small staff and hundreds of involved families and leaders.”

GO has worked to lower barriers to participation for families, including bringing families together to develop solutions to Oakland’s education challenges, and through a “School Board Watch” that offers easy ways to learn about and understand the school board’s work. GO helps families develop their leadership skills and champions policies and programs that bring more resources and support to our highest need students.

JaQuita Colvin, an Oakland mother who has worked with GO, previously said, “I didn’t think I had any power.” But since getting involved, she’s become an advocate for quality education and for better discipline policies. “I am doing what I am supposed to be doing,” she said.

About GO Public Schools:
GO Public Schools has worked in Oakland since 2009, and in West Contra Costa starting in 2015. GO’s mission is to involve and activate families and educators so all Oakland students have the opportunity to attend quality public schools.

About the League of Women Voters:
The League of Women Voters of Oakland is an organization of women and men who want to make a difference in the political future of our country. LWV is a diverse, non-partisan, political group with a long-standing tradition of educating voters.

For more details, contact Bobby Jordan at bobby@gopublicschools.org.

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