What is Measure J?

What is Measure J?

Measure J is a bond measure passed in 2012 that authorizes the Oakland Unified School District to issue $475 million in bonds.


What can Measure J funds be used for?

Measure J funding can be spent to improve the quality of Oakland school facilities in order to:

  • Better prepare students for college and jobs
  • Upgrade science labs, classrooms, computers and technology
  • Improve student safety and security
  • Repair bathrooms, electrical systems, plumbing and sewer lines
  • Improve energy efficiency and earthquake safety


When does the Measure J Commission meet?

The Measure A, B, and J Oversight Commission meets every third Tuesday at 6:30 PM in the KDOL TV Studio, B-237 (314 East 10th Street, Oakland, CA 94606-2291).


Measure J Resources

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