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GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates is committed to helping ensure that Oaklanders are Education Voters and that elected leaders of our city’s public schools put children and families first. School Board members have an extraordinary influence on the performance of our schools and the culture of our city. Our School Board, among other duties are responsible for:

  • Sets the vision and direction of the district
  • Manages a budget of over $600 million
  • Determines district leadership
  • Authorizes charter schools

OUSD has seven board members who represent their district and all of Oakland. Here are Oakland’s current school board members

District 1

Jody London

Schools in the district

OUSD Schools

Chabot (K-5)

Claremont (6-8)

Emerson (TK-5)

Hillcrest (K-8)

Kaiser (K-5)

Peralta (K-5)

Piedmont Avenue (K-5)

Sankofa (TK-7)

Oakland International (9-12)

Oakland Technical (9-12)

Oakland Technical Fashion AcademyTemporary Alternative Placement (TAP) Center

Charter Schools

Aspire Berkeley Maynard Academy (K-8)

North Oakland Community Charter School (K-8)

Oakland Military Institute College Preparatory Academy (6-12)

Yu Ming School (K-8)*

Contact information

(510) 879-8199

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District 2

Aimee Eng

Schools in the district

OUSD Schools

Bella Vista (TK-5)

Cleveland (K-5)

Crocker Highlands (K-5)

Franklin (K-5)

Garfield (TK-5)

LaEscuelita (TK-5)

Lincoln (K-5)

Roosevelt (6-8)

Dewey Academy (11-12)

MetWest (9-12)

Oakland (9-12)

Gateway to College At Laney College

Charter Schools

American Indian Public Charter School – American Indian Model Schools (6-8)

American Indian Public Charter School II – American Indian Model Schools (K-8)Oakland Charter High School (9-12)
Community School for Creative Education (K-8)

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District 3

Jumoke Hinton Hodge

Schools in the district

OUSD Schools
  • Hoover (TK-5)
  • Lafayette (K-5)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. (K-5)
  • Place @Prescott (TK-5)
  • Westlake (6-8)
  • West Oakland Middle (6-8)
  • McClymonds (9-12)
  • Ralph J. Bunche (11-12)
  • Emiliano Zapata Street Academy (9-12)
Charter Schools
  • KIPP Bridge Charter Academy (5-8)
  • Oakland School for the Arts (6-12)
  • Civicorps Academy (12-Adults)
  • Vincent Academy (K-5)
  • Envision Academy of Arts and Technology (9-12)
  • American Indian Public High School – American Indian Model School

Contact Information

(510) 879-8199

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District 4

Nina Senn

Schools in the district

OUSD Schools

Allendale (TK-5)

Bret Harte (6-8)

Horace Mann (TK-5)

Joaquin Miller (K-5)

Laurel (K-5)

Montclair (K-5)

Montera (6-8)

Redwood Heights (K-5)

Sequoia (TK-5)

Thornhill (K-5)

Charter Schools

COVA Conservatory of Vocal/Instrumental Arts (K-8)

Roses In Concrete Community School (K-8)

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District 5

Rosie Torres

Schools in the district

OUSD Schools
  • Bridges Academy (TK-5)
  • Edna Brewer (6-8)
  • Fruitvale (K-5)
  • Glenview (K-5)
  • Global Family (TK-5)
  • International Community (K-5)
  • Manzanita Community School (K-5)
  • Manzanita SEED (TK-5)
  • Think College Now (K-5)
  • United for Success (6-8)
  • Urban Promise Academy (6-8)
  • Fremont (9-12)
  • Life Academy of Health and Bioscience (6-7, 9-12)
District Partnership Charter Schools
  • Ascend (K-8)
  • Learning Without Limits (K-5)
Charter Schools
  • Achieve Academy – Education for Change
  • ARISE High School
  • Aspire ERES Academy
  • Oakland Charter Academy World Academy – Education for Change
  • Lazear Academy – Education for Change

Contact Information

(510) 879-8199

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District 6

Shanthi Gonzales

Schools in the district

OUSD Schools
  • Burckhalter (K-5)
  • Carl Munck (K-5)
  • Community United (TK-5)
  • East Oakland Pride (K-5)
  • Frick (6-8)
  • Futures (K-5)
  • Greenleaf (TK-7)
  • Markham (TK-5)
  • Melrose Leadership Academy (K-4, 6-8)
  • Parker (TK-5)
  • Roots International (6-8)
  • Coliseum College Preparatory (6-12)
  • Skyline (9-12)
Alternative Education
  • Community Day School (6-12)
Charter Schools
  • Aspire College Academy (K-5)
  • Aspire Golden State College Preparatory Academy (6-12)
  • Aspire Millsmont Academy (K-5)
  • East Oakland Leadership Academy (K-8)
  • Oakland Unity High School
  • Urban Montessori Charter School (K-8)*

Contact Information

(510) 879-2166

(510) 879-8199

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District 7

James Harris

OUSD Schools
  • Schools in the district
  • Acorn Woodland (K-5)
  • Alliance Academy (6-8)
  • Brookfield (K-5)
  • Elmhurst Community Preparatory (6-8)
  • Encompass Academy (K-5)
  • Esperanza (K-5)
  • Fred T. Korematsu Discovery Academy (K-5)
  • Grass Valley (TK-5)
  • Howard (K-5)
  • Madison Park Lower Campus, formerly Sobrante Park (K-5)
  • Madison Park Upper Campus, formerly Madison (6-9)
  • Monarch Academy (K-5)
  • New Highland Academy (K-5)
  • Reach Academy (TK-5)
  • Rise (K-5)
  • Castlemont (9-12)
  • Rudsdale Continuation School (11-12)
  • Sojourner Truth Independent Study
Charter Schools
  • Bay Area Technology School (6-12)
  • *Cox Academy – Education for Changer* (K-5)
  • Lighthouse Community Charter School (K-8)
  • Lighthouse Community Charter High School (9-12)
  • LPS Oakland R&D (9-12)
  • Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy (6-12)
  • Monarch Academy (K-5)

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