GO Endorses Jody London for OUSD School Board, District 1

Read Why Reem Mohamed, a Mother of Three Children, Supports Jody London

On Tuesday, August 2, 2016, Reem Mohamed, an Oakland public school parent, announced our endorsement of Jody London for the District 1 OUSD School Board seat. Here’s what she had to say: 

UPDATE: With 49 out of 49 precincts reporting, Jody London has successfully been re-elected to the school board. For more information, check out Ash’s blog on the election results. 

Jody has been endorsed by the East Bay Times, the East Bay Express, and Oakland Magazine. 

My name is Reem Mohamed and with GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates’ help, I spent the past year learning about the power of community and how we — as families, educators and Oaklanders — can lead the change we want in Oakland’s public schools. Part of that work includes the role our school board plays in the success and well-being of all of Oakland’s students.

I am the proud mother of three kids, including two at Sankofa Academy, and I am honored to announce that GO has endorsed Jody London in the District 1 school board race. GO’s endorsement process involved a variety of community members participating in a candidate interview day where we were able to hear from the candidates on a number of issues affecting our students and then provide feedback that was used for the endorsements.

As a group, we chose to support re-electing Jody because she listens to the community and cares about what we think, and that is important to me. She has shown that she is a devoted leader to not only North Oakland but to a stronger and more equitable district for all our students. Jody brings eight years of experience to the board and provides thoughtful, informed insights on contentious issues affecting Oakland education and our students and educators.

Jody was elected to the school board while Oakland Unified School District was under state receivership and helped lead it out of financial hardship and put it on a path of transparent and fiscal responsibility. She has championed for our students and worked to ensure that there are quality schools in every North Oakland neighborhood.

As a leader on our school board Jody has:

  • Led an effort to make tough decisions without sacrificing student learning to ensure financial stability and independence for OUSD
  • Advocated for OUSD’s creation of the Office of African American Male Achievement, a national beacon on empowering young African American Male students
  • Supported the largest salary increase for our teachers in over a decade
  • Pushed for safe, modern, and environmentally sustainable facilities for all of Oakland’s students

Jody is a proud North Oakland resident, mother to two Oakland public school students, and is active in and always accessible to our community.

I hope you join me and the GO community in supporting Jody London on November 8th. You can get involved now by endorsing Jody and attending our Garden Party to help ensure we elect great school board leaders like Jody.

In community

Reem Mohamed,

A proud Oakland mom of two Sankofa Academy students, and one preschooler

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