My Name is Aaron Townsend and I Support Huber Trenado

for Oakland School Board in District 5

Huber Trenado is the teacher that the Oakland Unified School District Board needs, and more importantly, Huber is the board member that our students and teachers need.

My name is Aaron Townsend, and I am a former teacher, school leader, and district administrator in Oakland. I have seen and interacted with hundreds of teachers and Huber stands out as one of the most passionate and motivated teachers I have met.

Huber has always been clear and passionate about how he could support our schools and all our students. Huber has a unique perspective on Oakland education as a teacher and an OUSD graduate. His decision to run for the District 5 Oakland school board is a natural outgrowth from his passion for education and his community.

One of the first times I met Huber, I was the principal at Coliseum College Prep Academy and Huber was a junior at Cal. I called Huber so that we could talk about ways to support his younger brother, who was a freshman at CCPA. I was amazed at how Huber straddled two different worlds, working on his own personal development at Cal and in a parental role to help his mother and younger brother.

As a humanities teacher, Huber saw that his students needed opportunities in the summer and started an East Oakland AIM High program to give them more resources to succeed. He has always continued to push the conversation about education equity. Huber has gone through and overcome so much in his personal and educational life. As a teacher and future board member, he wants to ensure that those same opportunities are available to students in all parts of our city.

I know he will bring the same energy that he uses in his classroom to help his students to the school board to help even more students. So please join me in supporting Huber Trenado for the District 5 school board seat on Nov. 8.

Aaron Townsend

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