GO Board Watch: September 28, 2016

OUSD's Professional Culture Goals, SBAC Update, Enrollment, and Bond Updates

Welcome to GO’s School Board Watch for Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

This week’s agenda includes:

  • Supt. Work Plan Deliverables for Professional Culture
  • Bi-yearly Police Report
  • Snapshots from the 2015-16 SBAC
  • 20-Day Enrollment Report
  • Measures A, B, and J spending

Check out the full agenda.

1. Professional Culture

Professional Culture Organizational Update

The Board will hear OUSD’s plans and goals for further developing professional culture in the district. Professional culture encompasses the values and systems that support the management and development of OUSD personnel. The three priorities for professional culture include: recruitment and induction of new staff, supporting and evaluating staff, and leading and retaining staff.

More specifically, the Superintendent’s plan includes three sub-goal deliverables:

  • 1a. Support educators in continued development in Common Core State Standards and Social Emotional Learning standards at all school sites, with a specific focus on underperforming schools.
  • 1b. Implement plan to rollout common district values.
  • 1c. Develop and effectively communicate strategy to recruit,, develop, and retain educators in OUSD.

Police Report

Police Chief Jeff Godown will present the bi-yearly report of police activity in OUSD schools. The report includes statistics on various kinds of offences and arrests, as well a list of schools with the most police calls by school level. Finally, the report includes a list of complaints against School Security Officers and Police Officers and the status of those complaints.

2. Quality Schools Development

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) – District’s Data Snap Shot 2016

Dr. Jean Wing of the Research, Assessment, and Design Office will present initial analysis of SBAC scores and explain how those scores compare statewide and to OUSD’s performance last year.

Dr. Wing cautions that these SBAC numbers are not final but are based on the 80% of tests that are currently scored. Final results should be available in the next few weeks.

Across the district, changes in SBAC scores for English Language Arts (ELA) and Math were marginal. Proficiency in ELA increased by 1 percentage point and Math proficiency increased by 2 percentage points.

OUSD’s performance remains well below statewide scores in ELA and Math: OUSD was 19 percentage points behind in ELA (30% versus 49%) and 12 percentage points behind in Math (25% versus 37%).

20-Day Enrollment Report

The Board will look at the 20-day enrollment report and hear possible reasons for changes in enrollment.

The 20-day enrollment for the district was 36,569. This was 872 less students than projected and 461 less than the number of students enrolled after 20 days last year. Possible reasons for this are increased enrollment in charter schools and rising rents forcing families out of OUSD.

3. Budget and Fiscal Management

2014-15 Annual Report on Measures A, B, and J Spending

The Measures A, B, and J Independent Citizens’ School Facilities Bond Oversight Committee will present a report on how funding from these measures has been used for improvements across the district. Some examples include: replacing the turf at Skyline High School, bathroom renovations at seven schools, and the upcoming Central Kitchen and Education Center.

4. Board Development and Strategy

No informational or action items presented.

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