Powerful Voices, Powerful Votes

The Work to Elect Great School Board Leaders Starts Today; Volunteer And Help Us Bring Oakland Together For Our Students

A vote in the Oakland school board election is one of the most powerful votes that most of us will have. One neighborhood – even just one street – can decide who will sit on the Oakland Unified School District board and represent all our students. For an election with such small margins of victory, the impact of the outcome is huge. The Oakland school board is responsible for the education of more than 48,000 students and controls a budget of more than $600 million a year.

Nothing is more powerful to a voter than a conversation with a parent, educator, or student who will be directly impacted by the school board’s decisions.



That’s why, for the next 68 days, we will be out in the community every Saturday, talking to voters and spreading the word about the hard work and committment school board candidates James Harris, Jumoke Hinton Hodge, Huber Trenado, and Jody London have put in to make Oakland schools thrive.

And every Saturday afternoon, we’ll celebrate the hard work of our volunteers with a BBQ – because ultimately, this is about more than just the election. It’s about bringing communities together for our students.

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the next 68 days, we’ll be calling voters and talking about how they can support OUSD’s continued growth. And while we do it, we’ll be enjoying the amazing home-cooked meals of Connie Williams – a West Oakland family leader and tireless advocate for Oakland schools. Trust us, you don’t want to miss her cooking.

This is democracy at its best – families talking to families about the future of our children. Join us and make your mark in this year’s election. Sign up and volunteer today.

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