We are Rocio and Daniel Gonzalez and We Support Huber Trenado

for Oakland School Board in District 5

My name is Rocio Gonzalez, and I am the parent coordinator at at Lazear. I have been at the school for the past 23 years. I was here when the school was run by OUSD, and I am still here now that it is a charter. It’s time that the board has someone that has been inside our classrooms. We need Mr. Trenado because he not only works in our school but went to our schools.

I know Huber Trenado is the right choice for the Oakland school board because he has been the teacher and role model our students need. He has a feel for our students and helps them in ways that extend beyond the classroom. Mr. Trenado connects with our students in ways that I have seen very few adults be able to do.

Mr. Trenado knows what we need in our classrooms and knows the needs of our students. I am excited that he is running for the school board because he will show up, make sure that ALL our students are supported, and not promise something that he cannot deliver.

When my son Daniel had Mr. Trenado for 7th and 8th grade humanities, Mr. Trenado was always there for my son. When he needed extra help with persuasive essays, Mr. Trenado tutored my son during his lunch hour. He answered his questions, read things over, offered suggestions, and pushed my son outside his comfort level. His dedication was not limited to my son. Mr. Trenado is like that with all his students. His students know that he can identify with so many of them because he was in their position.

Mr. Trenado grew up in Oakland and struggled a lot without his own father. He is always sharing his story with his students and they respect him because he is honest and shows them a great deal of passion and respect.

My son, Daniel, is now a freshman in high school and still calls Mr. Trenado his favorite teacher. From my son, “The school board needs a teacher presence and I think it’s great that Mr. Trenado is running because he is very passionate about his students.”

We know what Mr. Trenado can do for our students. And, we hope that you will join us in supporting Mr. Trenado for the District 5 school board seat. We think it’s time that a teacher from our classrooms and our city was on the board advocating for our students.

In community,
Rocio and Daniel Gonzalez

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