Measure G1 Passes: A Victory for Oakland Educators and Middle School Students

As we woke up today and browsed the results of national, state, and local races, I’m sure many of us had mixed emotions. One thing that is for certain is that Oakland has come together to support our students. Oakland’s Measure G1 has passed with 81% of the vote! The people of Oakland chose to prioritize our educators and our Middle School students. We will now be able to support our educators with an approximate 2% salary increase and provide our middle school students with a well-rounded education by increasing art, music, and foreign language opportunities.

In the next few months, our school board has the responsibility of appointing a robust G1 oversight committee. This committee will help create administrative regulations that ensure the raise is implemented as intended and that middle schools can access funds for enhancing their electives offerings. We at GO are dedicated to making sure that Measure G1 is implemented as intended and will work hard to support and ensure accountability and transparency.

We are also proud to announce that voters chose yesterday to approve Prop. 55, a significant victory for California’s students and teachers. We’re excited to build on the positive outcomes that Prop. 55 will bring to the state’s public education system, including lowering class sizes to promote individualized attention in schools, hiring qualified and innovative new teachers to reverse our teacher shortage, affordable and accessible higher education opportunities, and increased access to health care for historically underserved communities.

Thank you again for supporting Measure G1 and Prop. 55! The work to support Oakland’s students and educators continues!

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