Oakland School Board Election Results and Thoughts

Congratulations to Jody London (District 1), Jumoke Hinton Hodge (District 3), Rosie Torres (District 5) and James Harris (District 7) on their re-election to the Oakland Board of Education. We look forward to working with them as a community in service of all students. We thank Huber Trenado for his efforts in the election and know that he will continue to be a partner in this work.
We are excited that two key ballot initiatives passed in this election, Measure G1 and Proposition 55. These initiatives will ensure that our students and educators receive critical supports that they need to maintain the progress that we’ve seen in the Oakland school district. We look forward to working together to build on these efforts.

It is especially important in light of the results of the national election for us to come together, to care for one another, and work well with one another. This presidential campaign has been historically divisive, and for many the outcome feels even more so. It is a call to action for each of us and for our country. How we proceed matters.

Locally, the school board elections were some of the most passionate and hard fought in recent memory. Whereas for a long time, most school board elections were uncontested, this year we saw 12 candidates vying for 4 board seats. Every campaign demonstrated a passion to serve students and vision for how to do it best, with many areas of alignment. We must build off of those areas of alignment, dialogue through any differences of opinion, and stay together through the hard work of identifying and addressing the challenges facing our students.

We’ve made historic progress towards improving student outcomes, but we have urgent work to do to give all students the life chances that they deserve, and to do that work in a way that models for our children how we want to work together as a community.

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