Second Phase of Measure G1 Underway

The Oversight Committee and Implementation

Measure G1 passed in November 2016 and the school board is currently working to identify a citizen oversight committee to support with the implementation regulations for the funding that will come from the measure.  

While Measure G1 provides an outline for the use of funds, the oversight committee will help develop the regulations and additional structures to provide clarity around how the funds will be distributed and what expectations there will be around implementation.

Measure G1 will provide funding for three areas:

  1. An increase in salary for all site based educators
  2. Additional funding for Middle School climate/culture and safety


  1.  Additional funding for Middle School enrichment programs

Middle schools across the city will be working on developing their Measure G1 plans that will receive feedback from the citizen oversight committee.  The implementation of Measure G1 has the benefit of learning from Measure N’s work to expand high school college and career pathways.

The next steps for Measure G1 are for the school board to select the oversight committee and to work with school sites to submit their G1 implementations plans for review and feedback.

The life cycle of a parcel tax like Measure G1 has three important phases.  

  • Phase one includes the initial stages of exploring the idea of a tax, getting the measure on the ballot and allowing voters to decide if it should be implemented.  
  • WE ARE HERE: Phase two involves an oversight committee coming together to work  with the school board around implementation and regulations.
  • Phase three is when school sites receive and use those funds to achieve the goals of the measure.

At GO Public Schools Oakland, we look forward to the impact of a salary increase for educator staff and increased safety and/or enrichment opportunities for all Oakland middle school students.

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