GO Board Watch: February 13, 2018

Welcome to GO’s School Board Watch for the meeting taking place Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

This week’s agenda includes the following key items:

  • OUSD Financial Planning: 2018-19 & Beyond
  • Clean Drinking Water
  • Blueprint for Quality Schools

Check out the full agenda.

Budget and Finance

OUSD Financial Planning: 2018-19 & Beyond


The Governor’s proposed budget will result in an estimated $13.5+ million in ongoing LCFF revenue and an estimated $5+ million in one-time discretionary revenue. However, dramatic increases in employee pension obligations, health insurance cost increases, potential loss of federal revenue, and other increasing costs are projected to result in deficit spending after 2018-19. By 2020-21, OUSD’s operating deficit is projected to be $17 million. The district warns that without action, financial solvency will soon be beyond reach (slide 6).

Fiscal Vitality Update

Superintendent’s Priority:  Fiscal Vitality

As of 2 PM on Tuesday the 13th, the presentation had not been uploaded to OUSD’s site.  Please check back later.

Board Governance

Board Policy Regarding Clean Drinking Water

Supt. Johnson-Trammell will present a proposed policy for clean drinking water in Oakland schools and early childhood centers. The current cost estimate is $1 million to replace water fixtures and $38 million to replace water pipes districtwide. The policy would require that within 60 days of adoption of the policy, the water at all district-owned schools and early childhood centers be tested for contaminants and the results be posted publicly. District-authorized charters in district-owned facilities will receive the same testing from the district. The District will request water testing results from district-authorized schools in non-district owned facilities. The policy further details immediate responses for district-run schools that test within particular ranges for contamination, including daily flushing of pipes, turning off water fixtures, and direct notices to families, staff, and administrators. For detailed information on the current state of testing and the results, go to the OUSD Water Quality Overview page.


Update on the Blueprint for Quality Schools

The average age of district-owned buildings is 57 years and many systems are near or beyond their expected useful life. The costs of OUSD’s capital needs exceed $2 billion, with $300 million needed in deferred maintenance. The Board will hear an updated plan that would require that a Quality Community Schools Action Plan be released on March 14, and that the Facilities Master Plan be released April 11. In the near-term, the Quality Community Schools Action Plan will create a community engagement plan and determine a framework for making decisions in the expansion, merger, and closing of schools. In the long-term, it will include a charter management and partnership plan. The Facilities Master Plan will detail current assessments of OUSD’s facilities and will address attendance boundaries, feeder patterns, and enrollment in the long-term.

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