GO Endorses Measure A for Early Childhood Education

We have an exciting announcement and opportunity for our network!

A 2015 study found that only 43% of students enter OUSD elementary schools kindergarten-ready. And, as is too often the case throughout our education system, there are significant gaps between white student readiness (82%) and readiness for black (36%) and Latinx (29%) students. Access to high-quality early childhood education can improve kindergarten readiness, but such programs are out of reach for many Oaklanders. There are currently more than 2,200 families with preschool-aged children on waiting lists for financial aid.  

Today, GO Public Schools Advocates is excited to announce our official support for Measure A, which will be on Alameda County ballots on June 5th. Measure A will provide about $140 million per year to fund expansion of early childhood programs and improve program quality across Alameda County. The funds would also be used to increase wages for early childhood workers, 75 percent of whom reported that they struggle to pay their bills in a recent survey. For more details on the measure, see the Measure A website or the Measure A program plan

Help us spread the word to ensure this measure passes! Like and share this image right now!

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Measure A campaign, there are some opportunities in the coming weeks: 

Canvass voters in Oakland on Saturday, May 5th

Phone bank on Mondays or Wednesdays until election day

Become a GO Advocates Member to be a part of our community of over 150 educational justice advocates that are fighting for policies like Measure A here in Oakland.

And, as always, make sure you’re registered to vote in Alameda County – the deadline to register for this election is May 21st. Oakland needs all the education voters it can get. 

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