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More Options And Information For Oakland School Board is a Good Thing For Students And Our City
A decade ago, school board elections in Oakland were a quieter matter than they are now. Most elections involved a single candidate running uncontested in… Read More
Oakland’s Students Need Us to Continue & Accelerate Progress
After listening to Superintendent Antwan Wilson’s State of the Schools Address on Tuesday, a few things are clear to me: Our students are making incredible… Read More
Why Our Community is Endorsing Huber Trenado in the District 5 Race
Typically, we talk mostly about the folks we are endorsing — not those we aren’t. But we’ve received questions about why we chose to endorse… Read More
Oakland Is Making Meaningful Progress For Our Students

In a new letter to the community, Superintendent Antwan Wilson said, “OUSD students are now better positioned to succeed than any other year in Oakland’s history.” Our GO community is dedicated to ensuring a quality public education for every student in Oakland. We’ve been the first to talk about strengthening opportunity where it’s needed. So Superintendent Wilson’s statement deserves a careful look.

Thanks To Everyone Who Helped Oakland Kids Have a Great First Day
Thank you. A good first day of school doesn’t just happen. It takes thought and planning – whether the project is getting a district ready… Read More
Our History
> Haz clic aquí para español < Since our launch in 2009, GO Public Schools Oakland has connected the public to public education by informing… Read More
Oakland Collaborating for Our Kids: The Equity Pledge

The Oakland Public Schools Equity Pledge is a new and much needed collaborative opportunity for our district and charter communities. It is an opportunity to move beyond ideologies or politics and to identify solutions for the real issues that need to be addressed in pursuit of quality, equity, and sustainability across all our public schools and all our KIDSAlthough in the very early stages, we believe it’s long overdue and has enormous potential to offer ALL students the opportunity they deserve.

Bringing (Virtual) Community Together: GO Oakland’s New Website
Dear Oaklanders, Thank you for visiting our new website in our soft-launch phase. Over the last year, in building this website, we set out to… Read More
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