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Powerful Voices, Powerful Votes
A vote in the Oakland school board election is one of the most powerful votes that most of us will have. One neighborhood – even… Read More
GO Board Watch: August 24, 2016

This week, the Board will be finalizing work plans for the year, including plans for Quality Schools Development, a Facilities Master Plan, and a plan for a single-destination system for Human Capital and Finance.

Data Supports Change to Oakland Enrollment
Largely missing in Oakland’s discussions about Common Enrollment is a data-driven assessment of the state of school choice as it stands. The recently released Strategic… Read More
Holistic and Equity-Focused School Assessments
Oakland families and educators have long recognized that standardized testing alone does not tell the whole story. Schools do much more than simply teach students… Read More
Oakland Students and Poverty
Close to 90 percent of Oakland’s public school population are students of color. According to a new national study, students of color, specifically African American… Read More
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