How reliable are the data?

These graphs should not be interpreted as providing an exact measure of attendance, but rather as providing a reliable estimate that errs on the side of being favorable to Board Directors.

If a Director misses 3 hours of a meeting, it is only counted as 1 hour missed in calculating their attendance. If a Director misses 59 minutes of a meeting, it is only counted as missing 30 min. (See attendance categories above.) Additionally, special meetings contained within regular meetings are not factored into the attendance calculation, in order to avoid double-penalizing a Director.

All the data points in our attendance data set have been double-coded, with two staff members coding each meeting and then reconciling their findings. As such, we have a high degree of confidence in the data presented here.

However, this data set was collected manually by reading through meeting minutes, which allows the possibility for human error in both the coding and the meeting minutes. The meeting minutes are sometimes missing, incomplete, or ambiguous, which is why we have created a code book that defines assumptions and rules in these instances. If you find an error, please email with a description and link to the meeting.

This is the first public iteration of the tool, and we commit to continuing to refine and improve our Board accountability tools.
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