Who We Are // Our Policy Framework

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Local education leadership must develop solid policy expertise from all stakeholders and engage our community in order to build lasting change. GO Public Schools Oakland’s network of student-focused, solutions-oriented families, educators, and community allies works in partnership with education and community leaders to shape and support policies that expand educational opportunity for our highest need children.

Our policy framework is organized on three pillars:

Engaged and Effective Educators

Every student has access to highly effective teaching and our highest need students have equitable access to our most highly effective teaching.

Quality Schools

Every student in every neighborhood has public schools that prepares them to fully participate and succeed in life and work in the twenty-first century.

Equitable Systems

Systems and structures empower the entire education community to act in the best interests of children, disrupt and address inequities based on race, language, and class, and ensure efficient, effective supports for schools and families.


Guided by our Leadership Council, we work within this policy framework to identify, prioritize, and influence the highest leverage changes in Oakland education policies, practices, structures, and culture — all in the best interest of Oakland students.


“Our success will come not because of Board directives, or the Superintendent’s notions, or the staff’s creativity, or the community’s yearning. We will make it because we have the common need to draw on each other, and the audacity to believe that in concert, we are equal to the great tasks.”         —Dr. Marcus Foster, Former Superintendent Oakland Unified

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