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More Options And Information For Oakland School Board is a Good Thing For Students And Our City
A decade ago, school board elections in Oakland were a quieter matter than they are now. Most elections involved a single candidate running uncontested in… Read More
East Bay Times Endorses Harris, Hinton Hodge, London, Trenado
Read the East Bay Times’ Oakland school board endorsements The East Bay Times, the largest newspaper in the East Bay, has made its endorsements for… Read More
My Name is Aaron Townsend and I Support Huber Trenado
Huber Trenado is the teacher that the Oakland Unified School District Board needs, and more importantly, Huber is the board member that our students and… Read More
We are Rocio and Daniel Gonzalez and We Support Huber Trenado
My name is Rocio Gonzalez, and I am the parent coordinator at at Lazear. I have been at the school for the past 23 years.… Read More
My name is Elena Aguilar and I Support Huber Trenado
My name is Elena Aguilar, and Huber Trenado was my student for three years—for his 6th to 8th grade years. Had it been possible, I… Read More
Powerful Voices, Powerful Votes
A vote in the Oakland school board election is one of the most powerful votes that most of us will have. One neighborhood – even… Read More
A Letter From Our Leadership Council

Exciting things are happening in Oakland’s public schools. Graduation rates are at some of their highest levels in years, due in large part to the success of some of our most traditionally underserved groups, like English Language Learners, students with disabilities, and foster youth.

GO Endorses Huber Trenado for OUSD School Board, District 5

Huber will be a powerful voice for our students. He grew up in our public schools and will use his experiences and perspective to assist more of our children to succeed in college and beyond.

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