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My name is Kilian Betlach and I support Measure G1
By Kilian Betlach I support G1 because I believe in middle schools, and I believe in Oakland teachers. Measure G1 would raise $12 million dollars… Read More
Join Kristin Psiaki, an Educator and Oakland Resident, in Supporting G1
By Kristin Psiaki On November 8, 2016, we have an opportunity to enhance the experience of middle school students across Oakland. Measure G1 is a… Read More
Yes! on G1: Keep Teachers and School Educational Staff in Oakland
Included on the November 8, 2016 ballot is Measure G1, a $120 per parcel tax that would: Provide an approximate 2 percent raise for all… Read More
YES on G1: An Opportunity for Oakland Students and Educators
One of GO Public Schools Oakland’s values is community. Together, we are ALL responsible for preparing Oakland’s students for success. This November we, as a… Read More
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